If you are looking for any powerful and valuable antivirus software, then Protegent is one of the best options. This software can protect your PC from malware, adware and phishing scratches. It also features data recovery and backup features.

Product Introduction

Protegent 360 is the most effective of Protegent’s home antivirus security software solutions. It gives real-time scanning services and optimization tools that increase your system’s speed, protect against viruses, and restore lost or perhaps lost files. The program can also defragment your disk drive to improve efficiency.

Protection against malware and Trojan infections

The antivirus security software webroot filtering extension chrome slow method is designed to give protection to your computer from malware and viruses that may cause critical damage. It includes features like data security, real-time encoding and anti-spam to keep your information secure. In addition, it prevents data leakage by obstructing external media channels ports.

Port Locker

This module of the Protegent fish hunter 360 antivirus can be described as data seapage prevention application that obstructions the transfer of sensitive data right from USB, printing device, network adapter, and CD/DVD turns. It is especially useful for individuals who shop confidential data on their computer systems or laptop computers.

Activity News reporter

This Protegent anti-virus scam characteristic records every single keystroke manufactured by the user and monitors net activity regularly without the user’s knowledge. It also delivers logs to a pre-set email on a slated basis.

Employing this tool, the administrator can observe detailed activity reports and may choose from various reporting platforms. It can also be personalized to record any kind of blacklisted applications used on the computer.